Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Again! Update and End of the Year Thoughts

This poor little blog has been forgotten for so long, but I'm back and hoping to get going again! This school year I've been preoccupied and to be honest I haven't done anything great and wonderful that I consider worthy of sharing with anyone. I've been off work since mid February with this little nugget.

And now she's grown into this big 7 week old nugget!
This week she's begun sleeping 7 hours in a row at night so I think my mind is finally rested enough to get back to blogging, yay!
I know it's a little early to talk about end of the year parties, but that's where my mind went. I'm not returning to work until May and by then the year is pretty much over. So I've already started thinking about what I'm going to get my kids and do for our party. Dollar Tree currently has kites 2 for $1!!
23" Fun Kites, 2-ct. Packs
They may be gone quickly though (sorry friends in my town, I may have bought 30 packs of these and almost emptied the shelf). If your Dollar Tree is out of stock you can order them online but you have to order 45 packs so you'd want to go in with about 3 other teachers. I'm also going to order them each a large beach ball from Oriental Trading.
I usually plan a few crafts or activities for our party but this year I'm keeping it as simple as possible (that's pretty much been my theme this whole year- which is why I haven't been blogging about the wonderful things I'm doing in the classroom). So here's my plan for our simple party:
1) sign each other's beach balls
2) go outside and fly kites or play with beach balls
3) comein and make ice cream sundaes
4) watch slideshow of our year while we eat
And that's it. Easy peasy with minimal prep work.
Is anyone else thinking this far ahead or is it just me? :)