Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water Cycle

I'm cutting it close with my last science unit this year. Only four days to go and I think we've wrapped up our water cycle study! I snapped a few photos and gathered a few printables in case anyone else can use them.
After studying the water cycle we wrapped it up by making bracelets to remind us of each stage in the cycle. You may have seen these bracelets before but I hadn't until I saw my teaching neighbor, Jodi, making them, she's always got good ideas.

I made a sheet with the steps in the water cycle that the kids had to cut and paste the steps in order before they could make their bracelet. I also made a little bit easier sheet (the stages of the water cycle are just written a little simpler).
regular version
little bit easier version
All week we've been singing a catchy little water cycle song (again, stolen from a teacher friend). One of my sweethearts asked if I could type it up for them to put in their science notebooks. I should've thought of that myself. Maybe I'll let that little one write my plans for the next few days. So here's the song to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine. The dotted lines are so they can cut it down to fit into composition notebooks.
We also made rainsticks with paper towel tubes but I didn't get a photo. Just put a long strip of aluminum foil inside and then a scoop of rice and a little scoop of split peas (any small beans would work, or maybe none at all, whatever you have on hand really). I have a big rainstick that the kids have loved playing with so they were pumped to make their own.

Have a happy Friday tomorrow. It's my last this year!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drawing Conclusions and TPT Sale

Oh Teacher Appreciation Week, I love you! What other profession gets a whole week of extra love? This is one of my favorite perks (after summer break of course, oh...and watching those precious angels learn and grow). I'm looking forward to an hour and a half lunch break Monday!! Woohoo!!!

Anyway, I think everyone in the blogging world knows TPT is marking everything 10% off today through Tuesday. But just in case you didn't, use the code TAD12. I'm also marking everything in my store 20% off to make it all 28% off.

Also, last year I made a jeopardy game for my kids to play when we were practicing drawing conclusions. It was such a popular game that I made and just posted another one. Have a very happy week, you deserve it!