Monday, October 3, 2011

Tracking Math Progress

In my district we're given numerous forms for tracking reading progress for each child throughout the year. Sometimes it feels like we have way too much paperwork, but I love to look at one sheet of paper and see "at a glance" how a student has progressed during the year. And it's easy to show parents the growth their child has made or the growth they need to make!
I'm not teaching reading this year and as the first quarter is drawing to a close (at the end of the week, eek!) I realized I needed an easy way to track my kid's progress in math. We don't give traditional grades, instead we grade based on the mastery of standards and we use a rubric to assign a "performance level" instgead of a grade. So I made this form that includes all the major math standards we assess in first grade. I think it will help me keep track of their progress and I plan on giving parents a copy of this at our conferences (which start tomorrow and I'm procrastinating getting conference forms typed out right now) and then as I fill it out each quarter I'll include a copy with their reports cards. There will be many blank spaces this quarter since I certainly haven't explicitly taught or assessed many of these skills yet!
Click the image for a download if you think you could use this form too.