Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drawing Conclusions and TPT Sale

Oh Teacher Appreciation Week, I love you! What other profession gets a whole week of extra love? This is one of my favorite perks (after summer break of course, oh...and watching those precious angels learn and grow). I'm looking forward to an hour and a half lunch break Monday!! Woohoo!!!

Anyway, I think everyone in the blogging world knows TPT is marking everything 10% off today through Tuesday. But just in case you didn't, use the code TAD12. I'm also marking everything in my store 20% off to make it all 28% off.

Also, last year I made a jeopardy game for my kids to play when we were practicing drawing conclusions. It was such a popular game that I made and just posted another one. Have a very happy week, you deserve it!

1 comment:

  1. I am loving your blog Melissa! I play a lot of Jeopardy games too (love it), and I think the egg carton math idea is so cool!!!! I hope you have a great week!!!!