Saturday, October 6, 2012

Addition Combinations

Hello blog, I'm back! I'm just stopping by to share an activity I'm using next week to find combinations of 10. A friend and I were planning this week and we've been using the "shake and spill" game (see this post about shake and spill) to find combinations but wanted to change it up just a little. You know, keep the kids interested. Add some candy and you have immediate interest! This is two pages so you can print front and back.
And if you can't handle kids getting sticky hands (or if you aren't allowed to have candy at school...we'll call it a "manipulative") here's a sheet with pennies instead of candy.
The hand clip art I used came from Elizabeth at SweetClipArt. Her clip art is free to use noncommercially (read the terms of use though). I'll be heading back to her site often.


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