Monday, February 27, 2012

Goodbye Old Rug, Hello New

I've always wanted one of those awesome but super expensive classroom rugs with squares or dots to "organize" the kids. But I bought a cheap Wal-mart rug instead and it held up much better than I expected. However, 20 plus kids do not fit in a 5x7 space. We've made do for years. Well, last week I had to say goodbye to that cheapo rug after an "accident" (throwing it away was just the easiest option).

Bye bye green rug.

Hello new black rug. Same size, but I bought two this time. 12 kids will fit comfortably on one, so I'll just put them side by side and pretend I have a big fancy rug. And here's the best part (if it goes as planned)....I'm painting colored spots on it! I'm numbering each spot and each row will be a different color. I started this afternoon and got three spots finished.

It's certainly not as great as the expensive rugs and the paint looks splotchy up close, but eh, I think it'll be good enough to walk and sit on. I used contact paper as a stencil and a sponge brush to dab on the paint. Spray paint might have been the way to go. I'll post pictures again when it's all finished.

Also, on Wednesday I'm marking all my TPT stuff down by 20% to combine with the site's 10% off sale. Don't forget to use the code L2P9Y.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

March Daily Data

A few weeks ago I posted about the morning work my kids do (click here to read) and I was so happy with the responses I got. I finally finished up the March Daily Data packet and uploaded it just now to TPT ($2.00). I'm planning on making a pack for each month and going back and doing the fall and winter months over the summer. But for now March is ready. Can you believe it's almost March?!

I'll send a copy to the first three who'd like it. Just leave a comment and your email. I'll expect you to publicy praise me of course=) Just kidding.

Also, yesterday I had such a great time at lunch with some very lovely Alabama bloggers! It felt almost like a blind date and I lied to friend on the phone that I was having lunch with "friends" while in my head I was thinking "strangers". The silly thing is that we all know each other by our blog titles and not our names. But I think it's safe to so we're all officially friends now. Stop by and say hello to my new friends.

Jennifer- (she's got pictures to share)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Funny

My teaching partner did an activity today with my kids making sentences using conversations hearts. After they got started she realized the hearts she bought were not what she thought. Here's my favorite sentence.
Yep, they were Spanish! There were English hearts in there too, but that was a fun surprise. The sweetie pie above thought her sentence said "Jaguars can climb." I love it!

And these were my two favorite Valentines.

Super cute frame and yum yum yummy Krispy Kreme's. What a day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart Shaped Boxes

Just an idea in case you picked up some of those heart shaped boxes at Target or Dollar Tree and don't know what to do with them. I got mine last year and used them in a word work station (here's an old post). I'm only teaching math and science now but I couldn't waste these cuties!

We just finished working with money so this will be a math station activity for the next week or so (or until everyone gets a chance to complete).
Did you notice my little note inside of the lid? It's so the kids will be sure to put the coins back where they belong (because you know they'll mix them up!).
Here's a recording sheet to go along. Happy Valentine's week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fractions are my favorite

and all my kids know it! I still remember my wonderful first grade teacher, Mrs. King, teaching us about fractions and boy did that lesson stick. Since I've been teaching first grade I've always started the unit just like she did.

1)Write some fractions on the board and show the kids a big pack of chocolate chip cookies, boy does that get their attention and stir up some excitement!

2)Let the kids vote for which fraction of a cookie they want. Now at this point I have not explained what a fraction is so they have no idea what the numbers mean. I just tell them these are fractions, they're my favorite part of math ever, and we're going to be learning about them. I also tell them that nobody will get a whole cookie to themselves they will only get a piece so this helps them realize that a fraction is just a piece.

3)Cut up the cookies (using a doc. camera so they can all see) and this is when we really talk about what a fraction is and what the numbers mean. We compare the size of one half, one fourth, and one eighth. Being the nice teacher that I am, I give them a chance to change their mind and vote again and wouldn't you know, they all want one half!

This is how they voted before we cut up the cookies.