Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday (to my new students)

I've seen some cute ideas for celebrating student birthdays out there so I thought I'd share my find of the week. I found a bargain at our local thrift store and it still has the new tag on it!
It has a button (the red dot on the cake) that's supposed to make it sing and the candles light up. Either the batteries just need to be replaced or it's broken but I'd rather it not make any noise anyway! So I think I'll put this in the birthday boy or girl's chair for their special day. I also put together treat bags every summer and store them in the closet so I can just pull one out when needed. The whole red area on the pillow is a big pouch, so their treat bag may fit in that. I need to get to work on the treat bags soon before I forget. I always seem to have a kid whose birthday is on the first day or two of school!


  1. I absolutely love it!!! Too cute!

  2. That is SO cute! Your students will be thrilled!
    Just curious....what do you put in the treat bags?
    Primary Inspired

  3. Good idea to do the bags NOW!! I always forget until the day of the birthday!

  4. I like this idea! I nice comfy seat pillow for birthdays!
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  5. I love the treat bag idea, and in advance! I seem to find myself grabbing stickers, pencils etc during recess on the birthday, oops!

  6. Thank you so much for this great idea! I, too, usually don't think about birthdays until the week of or so.

  7. I used to wait until the week of and try to throw things together for a child too! But my super smart neighbor at school, Jill, showed me all her premade bags one year and it was like duh, why didn't I think of that! She's so ultra-organized and I'm hoping it's rubbing off on me.
    Brenda- I try stock up on super cheap things whenever I can, especially during back to school sales, and use those items in the bags. I think last year the bags had a glitter pencil, mechanical pencil, cute eraser, bookmark, tiny notepad (I got them in packs of 5 for $1 at walgreens I think), and a birthday sticker. So nothing really exciting, but the kids love those little notepads.

  8. Last year was the first time I pre-made the birthday bags and it was so much easier! Doy?!?! Why did it take me 12 years in to figure that out?

    Thanks for the reminder! I need to remember to add that to my to-do list!