Sunday, February 26, 2012

March Daily Data

A few weeks ago I posted about the morning work my kids do (click here to read) and I was so happy with the responses I got. I finally finished up the March Daily Data packet and uploaded it just now to TPT ($2.00). I'm planning on making a pack for each month and going back and doing the fall and winter months over the summer. But for now March is ready. Can you believe it's almost March?!

I'll send a copy to the first three who'd like it. Just leave a comment and your email. I'll expect you to publicy praise me of course=) Just kidding.

Also, yesterday I had such a great time at lunch with some very lovely Alabama bloggers! It felt almost like a blind date and I lied to friend on the phone that I was having lunch with "friends" while in my head I was thinking "strangers". The silly thing is that we all know each other by our blog titles and not our names. But I think it's safe to so we're all officially friends now. Stop by and say hello to my new friends.

Jennifer- (she's got pictures to share)


  1. Your work looks great!

  2. Oh I would love it! Thanks!

  3. It looks great!!!!!


  4. Looks cute!


  5. So great! My kids would love this!


  6. see?? THis is why I hate the first 3 to comment thingy...I always miss them! lol
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  7. This looks great! On my Wish List for Wednesday! Love!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  8. I had a lot of fun! I love your pack idea!

  9. Hey girl! It was great meeting you yesterday! It was a lot of fun! Let's keep in touch! Your Daily Data pack looks awesome!


  10. I am a new follower! I can't wait to share ideas!

  11. So happy to hear about the Daily Data pack! Can't wait to have something for every month!!

  12. Hello! THis looks great but I had a question before buying: Did you cover how to transfer their daily data to make a pie chart and is that detailed on your files? I wondered if there was an easy way to teach it and incorporate it for March. Thank you! Carlen

  13. Carlen- good question! No I didn't include any strategies for teaching about pie charts. I will be introducing pie charts, discussing what they are and how they show data, and demonstrating how to transfer the data using my doc. camera so they can all copy me the first time. All that's in my file though is the printable on which to record the data.

    1. Thanks Melissa - I would love to see how you will transfer the Daily Data to a pie chart and how to teach it. Staying tuned for that. Thanks again for all you do!

  14. I just came across this post and thought that you must be from Alabama. So am I! And I'm moving from 6th grade to 1st in the Fall (2014)!! :)