Monday, January 9, 2012

A freebie, a brag, and a big Roll Tide!

First let's start with the killer jaw ache I came home with a few minutes ago. Does anyone else hold stress and tension in their jaw? I have diagnosed myself with lock jaw and it kills! So is it bad that I could take and advil but instead I poured myself this?
(only the finest champagne for this girl)
On to the freebie. I went to school yesterday afternoon to get new math stations ready and I made this to go with a Connect 4 game I got at the Dollar Tree this summer. Someone else posted ages ago about the game and how they used it as a math game but I couldn't remember who or how they played. So I made this up.
As if you can't tell from the recording sheet, when a kid plays a chip they write down the number from the chip and then make an equation that equals that number. After assessments in December I realized some of my kids needed a little extra practice representing a number in many ways. You can download the recording sheet by clicking on it.

Now I don't like bragging, but I have to tell people who understand teacher stuff- so let's just call this sharing. It's really not that big a deal, but it did make my week (ok, maybe my month). I got a little blurb published in the Kindergarten Jan/Feb Mailbox magazine! It's one of those little teacher tips so it's only a few sentences. And if you read it you'll be like duh, all teachers probably know that. But it has my name under it so I feel special! I have to brag here because my other friends who aren't teachers wouldn't understand it.

I also wanted to thank Alex from the The Teacher Diaries for giving me the Versitile Blogger award. Check out her super cute editing checklist for kinders (would work in 1st too).

Well, it's time to get ready for the big game tonight. Can I get a Roll Tide?! I may need to pour another "pain reliever" for this. Also, I'm thankful I don't have morning duty tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! I have lots of Connect Four games- this will make a great center.

    BTW if you get a chance check out my new blog (new design in the making :) ) For a few freebies.

  2. Thank you for the freebie! I hold a lot of stress in my jaw too and grind my teeth at night! It hurts but with help from a great dentist I haven't had any more incidents with lock jaw or many headaches. Hope you feel better! :)

  3. Melissa,
    Are you sure you don't have TMJ? I had surgery years ago (I mean YEARS ago!!!) because my jaw hurt SOOO bad. I still have days that may jaw hurts and then it develops into a major headache... which takes days for me to recover. So, I totally understand the jaw ache!!! I have some champagne in my refrigerator...I'll save that for my next jaw problem! Also thank you for the freebie.
    First Grade Delight

  4. Delighted- I thought lock jaw and TMJ were kinda the same, so yes, maybe it's TMJ. It does lock up sometimes if I sleep on it funny. I sleep with a mouth piece now to stop the clenching and I think I sleep better. But I clench all day long too, ugh!

  5. Geaux Tigers! Sorry, someone had to say it! ;-) Ya'll better get ready for the honeybadger! Here's to a good game....cheers!!
    Eberhart’s Explorers

  6. Oh, hope you feel better Melissa. BTW - just signed up for the Mailbox magazine - been wanting to do this for a long time...thanks for posting in it and finally reminding me to do so - good for you for being in it!

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  7. I haven't been diagnosed but I am pretty sure I have lock jaw!! It is horrible!! :(:(:(

    Hope you feel better!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  8. Sorry about your jaw but CONGRATULATIONS about being in the magazine. I'm excited for you, I would be doing cartwheels. Brag away!

    Randi @ Teach It With Class
    My TPT Store
    My Facebook Page

  9. Congrats on being in the magazine! What was your tip? Hope your jaw feels better soon. My husband has TMJ and it's horrible.

  10. My twin had bad jaw pain once due to stress. It was painful for her and once her stress went away (about 3 months), the pain did, too!!! YIKES! I hope you get some relief soon!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  11. Melissa--your blog seriously is phenomenal, so thank YOU! Also, I love your solution for the sore jaw. I am a fan of hot toddies to solve anything and everything, not just colds. :) Feel better soon!

  12. Melissa- I wanted to let you know I blogged about your math work mats :) If you want to check it out:

    Thank you so much!!! I use them ALL THE TIME! :)

  13. WoW! I a neat idea to do with connect4! I love your blog(new follower)Come stop by mine for some math ideas and centers! :)

  14. Love the Connect Four equations! Now I wonder if the Dollar Tree still has the games.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  15. Dollar Tree has them right now where I am, let me know if I need to run get you one!

  16. I like that Popsicle stick game. Very cute!