Sunday, January 22, 2012

Math Lately, in Pictures

I got some shots of the kids working on math stations the other day. Here's what we've got going on:

Power Towers- each cup (plastic shot glass, hehe!) has a math fact written on the bottom. The partner must read it aloud and say the answer before adding it to the tower. I first heard about these from Laura at The Grade Two Zoo and she found out about them at Teacher Tipster (he is hilarious!)

 Pretty impressive tower, huh?

Time Practice- first match the little circle analog and digital clocks and then practice writing and drawing the times on the wipe-off cards (found the cards at Dollar Tree awhile back).

Bang- pull a stick, read the math fact, and solve. If you get a stick that says BANG! put all your sticks back.

Doubles Cover-Up- roll a die, double it, cover up the sum.

Timed Addition- the kids love this, mostly they love pushing the buttons on the timer. I bought this (and a subtraction one too) from Lakeshore with a grant I won last year. They also love "grading" themselves when it's over.

Another grant purchase, and they love, love, love this one. Shoes off=extremely happy kids. The mat talks to them and gives them either an addition or subtraction fact and they step on the answer as quick as they can.

Connect 4- I posted about this the other day and you can get the recording paper here. That blue box you see is how I store math stations.

And here's my math station management chart . I teach two math classes so the first two columns of kids names are my homeroom and the next two columns are a different class. So only two kids at a time are at the same station and there are two (one in each class) who work alone for now. I move their names down the next day and they have two new stations (many days we only have time for one station though). And yes, those are cut up paint chips that I used for their name labels. I was going to put a little picture of the kids on their cards but Friday was day 100 and I still haven't gotten to it so chances are slim that's going to happen this year.


  1. these pictures were super helpful! Thanks!

  2. How many cups do you use for one set of math power towers?

    1. Keya, I'm not sure of the exact number but I'd say about twenty or so.