Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our 100th Day

Well it happened a week ago but I'm just slow posting. I made the same t-shirts with my class that I did last year and once again they turned out so cute. The kids used a stencil to paint the number 100 and then dipped the end of markers into paint to make 100 polka dots. I love an excuse to dress up!
Didn't they do a nice job on those shirts? Here they're getting 10 of each item for the trail mix.
I planned so much that we ended up only getting to about half of it. We read 100 books, thought of 100 equations that equal 100, made a 100th day trail mix with 100 pieces, put together puzzles of the 100 number chart, and so much more.

Each card has an equation that equals 100, and no, that's not 100 cards it only about 85ish.
I had to glue some around the edges afterward.
Whoops, this picture is sideways! At the end of the day each child got a bookmark for reading 100 books in one day and a mini hundrend dollar notebook (grabbed those at staples last winter).


  1. Your 100 equations is rather impressive, and yes, they did a great job with their shirts.

    Forever in First

  2. I have tagged you come by and see.

  3. Hi! I love those 100 shirts! I also tagged you in my blog! Come check it out to play along.

  4. Ha! I tagged you, too! You are going to have lots of questions to answer, hehehehe!

  5. I just started blogging. I wish I would have seen this before our 100th day. Love the blog!