Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cute Storage!

I snatched up some of the cutest polka dotted metal pails last year at a hole in the wall surplus store(I'm a bit in love with polka dots). They were a couple dollars each and I thought I'd surely find a use for them. They've become gift "bags" for my teacher friends birthdays- filling them with a soda, some sweets, and little office supplies and such. Of course I saved this one for myself. It's bigger than the little ones in Target (about 6 inches tall).
While I was cleaning up the house a little this morning (more like moving junk piles from one place to another) I stopped to admire my little pail and found a website on the sticker in the bottom. So of course I grabbed the computer and looked it up and wowie wow wow! If you love cute and cheap pails, bins, boxes, and bags then take a look.
Metal Bucket 5" H x 6" with Pattern - Click Image to Close Gifts Basket 8.5"x6 3/4x7.5"  tote Bags 20" x 15x 6"
All the items are about $.75 to $1.50 each but it seems that you have to order in bulk (like sets of 36 or so) but maybe you could go in with some friends. Here's website bloggy friends,, don't spend too much!


  1. Cute!! I love all things polka dots, so I will definitely be checking it out!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. I LOVE that your reaction was "Wowwie Wow Wow!"

    Going Nutty!

  3. I LOVE those little buckets! I bought two of them last year at Target to use as scrap buckets when I make cards. I was using a plain ol' bowl which was working fine but those cute little buckets with bows make me happy. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog
    Teachers Pay Teachers Store

  4. Wow! I love love polka dots. Target has some great polka dot products!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Very cute storage!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for the great resource!! Have you used the paper baskets? I'm wondering how long they last. I was thinking of using as cubby baskets for the kids.

  7. I have two green buckets with white polka dots that have chalk board labels on them. I wrote sharp and dull and use them for pencils. Really cute.