Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reuse Your Egg Cartons

My kids are loving the new egg carton games in math stations this week! Maybe I didn't dye any eggs this Easter but we do eat lots of eggs around my house. Being the teacher that I am I hoard containers (don't lie, know you do too, we need have a support group for it) and egg cartons are some of my favorites because of all the possibilities.

We've been playing addition games so I made lots of recording sheets: full page, half page, for 2 or 3 partners, and one with 3 addends. And for those friends that need the directions spelled out and in photos, I've got that covered. So all you need is a numbered egg carton (or 5 like me!), some colorful pom-poms, and a recording sheet.

The best part is that the same carton can be used for subtraction or money games. I put directions and recording sheets for those in this game pack on TPT. Click below to preview. Further down is a copy of the 3 addend recording sheet for you to use.


  1. I just tagged you! Please come by my blog to play!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. So cool! I was wondering what to do with the huge collection of pom-poms my school has in the resource room. Now I know!