Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free Poetry Booklet

I just started poetry with my kids this week. We're using this little booklet to practice a few types of poetry. I've had it on TPT for $ but this week (until Friday, April 20th) I'm making it free! If you can use it I'd love for you to leave a comment. Comments make my day=)

Also, I've been tagged and I'm terrible about following through with these kind of things but I'm really going to do it this time! (So sorry if you've ever tagged me and I didn't participate, I'm a bad friend).

Jennifer from Herding Kats in Kindergarten (I taught upcoming kinder in summer school last year- my first experience with kinders- and yes, it was truly like herding cats!!) tagged me and asked these questions:

1. If you could eliminate one behavior from your classroom, what would it be?
Hmmm...either tattling or whining! I don't have any horrible behaviors going on this year, just the little annoying stuff.
2. What is your favorite part of the week? (end of day on Friday does not count!)
I have to admit, I do feel relief on Fridays. Knowing I made it through the week is nice.
3. What is your favorite unit to teach?
I love teaching about space because the kids are always so intrigued and my dad gives me great resources from NASA=)
4. After a hard day at work, how do you destress?
I'm trying to do Couch to 5K so I've been walking/jogging after school a few days a week. My best friend, who teaches right across the hall from me, walks with me on our track at school and its a great time to wind down and talk about our day.
5. What's your typical work outfit? Is your school dressy or casual?
My favorite school outfit is a sundress, maxi dress, or long flowy skirt. I get on the floor with the kids so it has to cover! But I would much rather wear dresses and skirts than pants. Most everyone at my school dresses casually.
6. Can you go off-campus during the day? If so, where do you go?
Not really. We could run somewhere when our kids go to PE (30 min) but there is really nothing near our campus. I've never left campus, don't think I'd make it back in time. Strangely, I have a recurring nightmare that I've left to go shopping and accidentally stayed gone for hours and not realized it! I always wake up thinking I've lost my job! Crazy, right?
7. What is your favorite field trip destination?
We go to the zoo every year. It's such an easy field trip. I typically don't like field trips, they make me nervous.
8. Do you snack while blogging? Post a picture of your snack of choice if you do!
Oh yes, I'm a snackaholic! York peppermint patties are a must.
9. What was your worst experience as a student teacher?
I might have said sh*t instead of sheet one time when I was asking 6th graders to take out a sheet of paper! Luckily the cooperating teacher wasn't in the room. I can't even remember how they reacted but I was quietly flipping out in my mind.
10. If you had to do anything besides teaching, what would you do?
Does anyone know what "Sips and Strokes" is? Around Alabama there are studios where you can take a painting class and you bring your own drink of choice. So I decided I want to lead a "Crafts and Drafts" class. Crafting and drinking sounds fun, right? You're all invited!


  1. Thank you! ~Hannah

  2. Thanks for sharing your poetry book. I'm also starting poetry next week with my kinders. This will save me from reinventing the wheel!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I am also beginning poetry with my students next week & this will come in handy!


  4. Thanks for sharing. We are going to be doing some poetry work soon. Great timing!

    If you have a moment, check out my Clip Art/ Unit giveaway.

    First Upon A Time

  5. I'd love to come to a drafts and crafts class. Sounds like tons of fun. For my bachelorette party we're goign to one of those painting classes that you can bring wine to. I'm so excited. Love your poetry freebie.

  6. I have never been able to teach poems so easily to my 1st grade students before I used this. I thank you so much!!

  7. Thanks Heather! I'm so glad you could use it. It's made it easier for me too. And when my kids have free poetry writing time they can flip back to reread the directions for the types of poems. They are loving poems now!

  8. I love your poetry book idea! I just started using poetry on a weekly basis in one of my literacy centers and the kids have really gotten into it. I'd love a copy of your poetry book to use with my firsties next year. Thanks!