Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Made a Blog!

I'm so excited to be blogging (and really impressed with myself for figuring it out!) So hello world, I'm Melissa. I teach 1st grade, obviously, and I love reading other blogs so I thought I'd try and contribute. I've been silently stalking many teacher blogs and "stealing" wonderful ideas. I feel like I owe many of you some ideas in return (not sure I have any great original ideas though).

I totally loved the monster gift bags that Babbling Abby used to make a word sort. My dollar tree didn't have the cute bags she found so I made these little guys. I've seen tons of classrooms with sound muncher type things so this is my attempt at that. I introduced these "Phoneme Friends" in the work with words station this week and they were a hit!

These are made out of old Crystal Light containers (does anyone else hoard plastic containers?). I cut a little slit in their mouths for the kids to stick the words in. The labels are just sticky notes so I can change them every week.

These are the word cards and the directions.

And I had the kids record some of the words on this sheet. I saw a sheet very similar on someone else's blog but I can't remember due to the numerous awesome blogs I've been lurking around lately. And here comes my favorite part...

They fit in the drawers that hold my work with words activities! Yea for neat storage!
I have the critters and worksheet saved but seeing as how I'm new to this whole blogging thing it may take me a little while to figure that out! I'll share as soon as I learn how.

And that's it for my first post. I feel so accomplished!!


  1. I love it, sweet girl!!! You are too cute! How stinkin' creative!!!

  2. Very cute. I love the idea for storing them in the drawers too!

  3. Love this!!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing!! Did you just use scrapbook paper to cover the containers? Makes me want to go out and buy some crystal light! haha


  4. Thanks Elisabeth! And yes, it's just scrapbook paper. Then I put packing tape all over so little fingers wouldn't peel it up or get it grungy looking. I was going to use little sour cream containers and put the monster guys on the lids, but then I found the tall cans. Any container would work.

  5. I HAVE to go buy some Crystal Light now! Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!


  6. What do each of your drawers say? I can read some...

  7. Love the phoneme friends! And I feel better after reading that I'm not the only one trying to "figure out" this whole linking thing. I linked a few google docs on my blog, but I can't figure out how to get the picture to appear instead of all that html lingo. Any advice?


  8. I love using Crystal Light containers for center activities and games! I have trained my kindergarteners to make sure all the pieces are in there and then put the lid on. I was silly enough to think they would just know to do this, but I was wrong...haha! A little modeling goes a long way!

  9. I am a new follower to your blog! I love this idea, they came out so cute. And yes, I HOARD plastic containers. It drives my husband nuts!!! LOL!! I will have to make this over the summer, my kids will love it!
    ~ Mrs. Mc
    Little Literacy Learners

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  11. I'm a student teacher and looking to do a -mp/-ng word sort for the 2nd grade class I'm in right now, and I'm thinking a variation on this, mixed with the one seen on the "Babbling Abby" blog would be ideal. (I found both of your posts via Pinterest). Any chance you still have the worksheet you gave to the students and would be willing to share, so I could use the format and modify/add to it? Or do you have any suggestions for a college student trying to make her own?

    I basically would want to do the same thing, just probably add a word or two more for each sort category and at the bottom have them make a sentence for each type of word (ump, amp, ing, ang) or maybe like 3 sentences total. Since they are 2nd grade now and need to push/apply themselves a bit more.


    1. Katie- email me at and I'll send you the worksheet in a word file so you can make changes to it. The fonts will probably change becuase they're fonts I downloaded.

  12. Melissa, I love this! Can you also send me the worksheet at

  13. I'd love to have this worksheet or the documets you used for this activity as well. This seems like a fun idea. THANK you for your post!


  14. Hi Melissa!

    I will be introducing these next Wednesday and I would LOVE to do this with my first graders! Here is my email if you could pretty please send me the pdf when you get a chance...

    Cortney (a new follower via pinterest)

  15. Melissa,
    I just discovered your blog and love all of your word work centers! I will be implementing these this fall in my classroom!! Can't wait! I too, would love to have a copy of your worksheet for the cute phoneme friends activity if available. Thanks for sharing your great ideas-

  16. Very cute! I made mine from tissue boxes, but I LOVE these! Much easier to store away. THanks for sharing. I am new at blogging!Just started one. Please visit! :D

  17. I just read this post and love this idea as I am moving to first grade this year! Is there a way that I could get a copy of the documents for this great activity!
    Thank you so much!

  18. Hello! I am NEW to 1st grade--- been teaching 3rd for the past 5 years. LOVE your literacy stations--am in the process of setting mine up just like this! Could you send me the worksheets/printables for this activity?


  19. I love this! Can you send me the worksheet so I can print it?

  20. Hi! I just saw your idea on Pinterest and am also very interested in the pdf. I hope I'm not too late! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Would love love love to use this GREAT activity can you please send me the file?