Thursday, February 17, 2011

Publishing a Class Book

My kids have been working on writing "stories" (more like essays) recently. We worked on sticking to a topic, writing a main idea, adding detail sentences, and then using a closing sentence to wrap it up. We modeled our writing after The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. If you've never read this book it's really great for talking about the main idea and details.

So now we're putting our ideas together and making our own Important Book. The exciting part is that it's getting published! If you don't already know about Studentreasures Publishing then check it out. You have to register way in advance, like in the summer, but they'll publish a class book for you for FREE!!! I've done it before and the books turned out great. Parents can order the books (a little pricey) but even if they don't you get a free hardbound copy for the classroom. My kids are so excited to become "real authors". It's very motivating for them to see their work in an actual book.

Here's the book my kids made two years ago (same as what we're doing this year).

I'm so proud of their work!

I've got some organizers we used saved on my computer at school. I'll try to remember to upload them tomorrow to share with everyone.

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  1. So cute! LOVE the cover, and the topic. I'm torn between doing a research topic (to tie in with our social studies or science curriculum), or something to go along with one of the reading strategies. Guess I've got the summer to decide.