Monday, May 30, 2011

Word Wall

Just before I took down my word wall last week I snapped some pictures of it thinking I might post about it and wouldn't ya know, Ms. M. is having a word wall linky party!

I'm lucky to have two huge magnetic white boards in my classroom. So I can use a whole board to display the high frequency words that go with our reading series (Harcourt Storytown). The first 20 days of school we use to review, so the red words are kindergaten words that my kids "should" know already. Then we have 5 reading books that we use throughout the year. I color coded the words so that the color changes each time we get a start a new book. The real reason I made the words different colors was so when little Timmy asks how to spell "what" I can say "That's on the word wall; it's a yellow word." By having multiple colors I can give hints if the kids are having trouble finding a word.
Also, I put magnetic tape on the backs so my kids can take words down and to their desks if needed (if they can reach it- sometimes I grab it for them). And I just organize them in one of those coupon envelopes that have dividers (it really takes 2 coupon envelopes to store all the words!).
So if anyone uses the Storytown reading series and wants to print these off I'm sure I have them saved somewhere on my computer. =)

Edit: I posted  link for all the words. Click here.



  1. I love the color-coding!
    Kristen :)

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  3. Melissa,

    I too love the color coding. Must be an ELL thing, Kristen. Ha, ha. I also love that it is interactive. Thanks for participating in my linky party.

    Ms. M
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  4. Color coding is such a great idea! There have been so many studies linking color to memory, I color code everything in my room!

  5. What a wonderful idea! This is my first year teaching Storytown and I love using word walls! I would be elated if there would be any way that I could download your words for my word wall!

  6. I also use Storytown and would love a copy of your words. Thanks and I love your wordwall ideas.

  7. Love the color coded words! I would love a copy of your words.