Thursday, June 2, 2011

Word Wall Printable Cards

If you want to download the high frequency words that go with Harcourt Storytown here they are! I printed mine on colored cardstock, laminted them, wrote the week they are introduced in the back, and then put strips of magnetic tape on the back since I post them on my whiteboard. (Click here to go back to my word wall post to see pictures.)

I'm adding the colors I used, not that you have to follow my color code (there's no rhyme or reason to it).

I printed these Kindergarten review words on red.
Words from book 1 (on orange paper).
 Book 2 (on yellow paper)
Book 3 (on green paper)
Book 4 (on blue paper)
Book 5 (on purple paper)
If any of these links don't work let me know!


  1. So glad to know someone else out there has to go in true rainbow color order, too! :)


  2. Yes, when I wrote no rhyme or reason that wasn't completely true! Also, the shirts in my closet hang in that order and with white at the beinnging and brown, grey, black at the end. I probably shouldn't have admitted any of that.=)

  3. I am glad to hear it. :) Thanks for these. I don't use Harcourt but some of these are the same as mine. :)

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  4. Reason 972 why I love teaching with you! You share!!!

  5. These are great. What font did you use?

  6. The font is called "print bold". I can't remember where I got the font, but I'm sure it'll turn up if you google it.

  7. I just found these...thank you so much! I'm going to use these for flashcards for some of my kids. You saved me so much time!


  8. These are awesome, thank you. I used them, instead of magazines clippings, to make sentences for a language project.

  9. Salute to the people who are working to make the word better