Friday, June 24, 2011

ABC and Blends Charts

Earlier this month I posted some math mats that I plan to use as warm ups to start guided math lessons and I mentioned that I use ABC and blends charts the same way to start guided reading groups. I had a few questions about the charts and I found some examples to share. These are not the charts I use, but they are very similar. The ones I use were given to me by another teacher and I don't know where she got them.
(Click the images to download.)

ABC chart from
Blends chart from
I pass these out quickly, as soon as the kids sit down, and we chant the chart like this: /a/, /a/, apple; /b/, /b/, bell, etc. I usually do the whole ABC chart with my lower groups, but with my higher groups (or whenever a group is ready to move to blends) we usually just do one row each day. Or I might say "find the picture that sounds like /spr/" and we'll start there and finish the chart. It just depends on how much time you have I guess. You don't want this to take very long.

I hope that clears up any questions!

I plan to use my math mats the same way, just chanting some numbers together to practice counting or saying coin names. When you repeat things everyday it gets to where the kids can do it with their eyes closed (and it would be great if they could memorize some of our math info)!


  1. Plan n using this in my language arts block for sure

  2. What a great idea! I am working at a camp for struggling readers this summer, I am going to use this idea for sure! Thank you!

  3. So cute and those would be great in mini-offices. (have you seen those?) Thanks for sharing, love your blog, I'm a follower:)

  4. Tara- I have used them with mini offices before!

  5. great charts! It's sad to drill them but for lots of them it's just one of the many ways to make it really 'stick' with them.
    Thanks for sharing!