Sunday, June 26, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 6

I haven't actually read this chapter yet. Somehow I got a little behind, perhaps because I started summer school last week for upcoming kinders and they are wearing me out! But I've been reading so many posts about place value and I wanted to share an "I Have, Who Has" place value game I made last year. Just click the picture to dowload. I hope to catch up on reading this evening and post more later this week.
Also- Kinder teachers, you deserve some kind of medal! How do you do it those first weeks?! I only have kids from 8 to noon and I feel like I've run a marathon each day! (hmmm...maybe I'll lose a few pounds)

Head over to Oceans of First Grade Fun for more about this chapter on place value- and lots of free printable games too!


  1. I am starting our K-Camp (summer school for incoming kinders) on July 5th! It's my 6th year teaching it, and I love it! It helps me to be more thankful for where my firsties are in August :-)

    Have fun!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your hard work! I taught K for 8 years. They do deserve a special award!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes! I also teach in AL. I actually started out in Shelby County at Calera, teaching kindergarten. It was a medical leave for one year. Since then I've been teaching at Vestavia West in first grade. Which school do you teach at?

  4. I teach 5th grade now, but my very first year in teaching was kindergarten and it was the hardest job! Very rewarding, but hard. :-) Kindergarten teachers really do so much!

  5. Thank you so much for these!

  6. Thank you for this great little game!
    My 3rd graders still need to review this & their listening skills!!
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