Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vocabulary Pack Winner

Thanks so much for your interest in the vocabulary pack I made. I really appreciate every little comment! So the winner is.....

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Nicole, email me and I'll send you the vocab pack.

I love teaching vocab. this way and from the responses I've gotten I think many of you think along the same lines. I also like having as much as I can planned ahead of time so I don't have to fool with it during the school year. Can you tell how I spend my summers? I've got to decide soon what I'm going to tackle this summer. I need to work on my math files and organization.

In other news, I had a mom donate a class set of little clay pots for us to decorate for Mother's Day. We need to get to work on them next week, but I'm not sure how to decorate them. Please share any great ideas you have!

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  1. check out the website
    It has a lot of wonderful ideas.