Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Classroom Photos

One of my favorite things is looking at pictures of other classrooms. I especially love to do this on a lazy summer day and mentally plan how I'll arrange my room for the next year. Always First Grade is having a classroom pics linky party. So here are some photos I have saved on my computer from the beginning of this year before the kids came. Share yours too!

Here's a view from the door. We do all our whole group stuff on the rug and there's a big white board behind and to the right of the easel. See that chair? I found it in the school attic this summer. It was black plastic with nasty orange rough fabric, a little spray paint and fabric went a long way to transform this sweet little chair.

Now moving around the room counter-clockwise:

Reading area (with books covered so I could slowly introduce kids to the book area after I went over how to find, use, and put away books)

Small group area.

Computers on the back wall.

My desk area.

This was going to be a listening station, but I'm now using it as a writing station. The table top is chalkboard!
The "tree" thing on the wall is where backpacks are hung and lunches and snacks go on the white shelves.

Sink and mailboxes.

A view from the front of the room.

I've changed things a little since these pics were taken in August. I always get an itch to rearrange midway through the year but I've tried to resist this year, it's just so much work!
I can't wait to see more of your rooms!


  1. I love all the polka dots! Your desk area is AWESOME! I can tell you are super organized. =) Thanks for linking up.

    Mrs. Ibarra
    Always First Grade

  2. It appears organized because it's before school had started! It's a different story now=)

  3. I LOVE your curtains. I would love a close up picture and a description. Your room is fabulous!

  4. I love the cards with the vocabulary words. Would you be willing to share those? If so you can email me at sud@sasd.k12.pa.us. Thanks!!!