Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Math Organization

I finally took some pictures at school today so I can link up with Patton's Patch Organization Week.

I don't have anything fancy for math materials. I keep my geoblocks, linking cubes, pattern blocks, and counters, in the larger drawers. The items we use daily for calendar time are on top along with bags of flashcards used for games in the red tray.

Beside the drawers is some piece of furniture my neighbor was putting out on the street one day and I grabbed it up to take to school! My computer fits perfectly and I have the drawers and cubbies full of other math manipulatives. It's a hot mess though! My end of the year goal is to clean it out and reorganize.

And the colorful set of drawers on the bottom holds games that my kids play in math stations

I've been trying hard to set up my math time more like reading block and do a quick whole group lesson and then meet with small groups. I'm sharing a form I made to help me plan for "Math Workshop". I really like teaching math this way so much better, it's easier to see if the kids are really getting the gist of the concept when you're teaching small groups. And I can easily modify or enrich for those who need it.

In case I run out of time I schedule my high kids last. And usually on Fridays I cut their time short and do assessments. Poor high kids, they always get neglected=(


  1. I love your math workshop idea. Last year I tried it for a while and I really liked it that way. It flows so much better I think! I should try it again this year... just downloaded your form!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  2. This is my new goal! Thanks for sharing your very organized system. Love the planning form!

  3. Thanks girls! In reality, I think I've only managed to do workshop for a whole week once or twice. There's always those lessons that just take too long in whole group and then you just don't have time for small groups. So I'm happy if I have workshop 2 days a week. My goal is to do it more though, the end of the year review time lends itself to this.

  4. Ok?! I have the same storage carts for my math manipulatives. They don't look as neat as yours. Maybe I need to rethink the placement. I love the planning form too.

  5. This is how I do my math block. I have my math lesson planner at school and I can email it to you tomorrow if you want it. Let me know!

  6. Lindsey, I'd love thant- thanks!

  7. Very organized! I want to try math workshop and hope to get ideas from Debbie Diller's new book Math Work Stations