Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading Responses

My kids need to be more accountable during read to self time. They always have books, but are they really reading them? All year I've just let them read during this time without asking them to write or fill out any kind of log. I wanted it to be a "free" reading time for them and for me- meaning I don't have to check any work. But it's time for them to be accountable now that I'm watching a child take 15 books to a cozy spot and then go trade them all after about 3 minutes. So here are just a few response forms I typed up that I'm going to have them write in their reading station notebooks. I'll cut these responses apart and hang one above my library area each week. I've only made three reponses for fiction and three for nonfiction.

I'd love to hear what you have your kids do during read to self- do tell!


  1. Thanks for these cute response sheets!

    I've seen teachers have students choose a prompt to quickly respond to in their journal or with a friend, but I always thought that took too much time away from "read to self".

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    I like these because they will be nice & quick, but give some accountability.


  3. Love these! My 2nd graders do a reading log every night for homework and some of them have a hard time writing about what they read. This is great - that for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely by using these!

  5. These are great sentence stems to help kids dig deeper in their comprehension! Thanks for sharing! I found you through pinterest!! I am your newest follower!

    Table Talk with C & C

  6. I have my kindergarten students record their thinking with post-it notes. They share their post-it notes with me when we read together.

  7. I can't download or find them on your TPT. :(

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