Thursday, March 31, 2011

Literacy Station Organization

I'm linking up to Mrs. Patton again!

I, like many others, do a version of the Daily 5 for my literacy stations. So the only ones I really need to worry about organizing are word work and listening. Of course I have to organize my classroom library too, but that doesn't change throughout the year.

So here is my word work. I had it set up at the beginning of the year with about 5 or 6 activities in each drawer and they were just labeled #1-6 (the same thing was in each drawer). So the kids would take a drawer to their desk and choose whichever activity they wanted to do independently. Now I have organized it so that they have to do a certain activity each day of the week and then they can choose a game from the 6th drawer. I changed it becuase they were really just playing around and not working on words. Not that this keeps them from playing, but I feel like they are better about finishing the daily task before they play (or goof off).

Monday's box- spell weekly words with letter beads and pipe cleaners

Tuesday- word sorting (I've posted about this activity, here's the first link and another one)

Wednesday - spelling words with scrabble tiles (again, I posted about this too, here's the link)

Thursday- sight word activity

Friday- stamping

I hope something here is helpful to someone=)


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've grown tired with what I'm doing for Word Work and this is perfect!

  2. I love this organization! I don't do centers in my room, but some of these would be GREAT for early finisher activities :)


  3. You are my new hero!! Thanks for the ideas...simple, easy, smart!

  4. These are wonderful.

    Ms. M

  5. if you do them by day of the week do you only have a small amount of kids at that section? Could you tell me more about HOW you run your Daily me (
    I have 28 kiddos...suggestions?

  6. Love this and thanks for the word word activities! Do you have more then 1 draw for each day or can only a few do Word Work at a time?

  7. Right now I only have 4 students in each "station group", but I've had up to 6. But I pull reading groups, so some of those kids will miss a station to be at my table. So there may only be 3 kids at a station. Some of these drawers have enough materials for each child and some (like the stamps)they have to share.

  8. Do you have the links to your sight word and stamping activity sheets? I'd love to see a copy! Thanks!

  9. I love how you organize the word work activities! This is very helpful.

    Look Who's Teaching

  10. Great ideas! I am glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower!

    Wizard of Boz

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