Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Spelling Practice with Scrabble Tiles

I'm changing one of my word work stations this week to have kids use Scrabble tiles to spell and then to add up the sums of each word. They've been using the tiles for a few weeks now to complete this "Valentine Spelling" activity so this is just a little tweak to that.

I'm also trying out TpT and posting this worksheet on there for you to download- free of course. I don't have anything worth selling, but maybe I'll work on that this summer. I was just curious to see how easy their site was to use. So if you have Scrabble tiles in your classroom click here to get the worksheet.
Time to get ready for bed! Have a great Monday tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Ms. A=) I added printable Scrabble tiles today in case anyone needs them.

  2. Love it! Thanks! I am ready to use it tomorrow!

  3. I Love this idea also!
    I couldn't get the file to open after I downloaded it from TPT :o(
    It says, "The drive or network connection to the unavailable."
    ~ Mrs. Mc
    Little Literacy Learners