Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home/School Communication

My plan was to link up with Mrs. Patton everyday for her organization week. But Monday and Tuesday just flew by (no complaint here). Anywho, today the topic is home/school communication.

The only thing I really have to share is my take-home folders and how my kids turn them in, along with notes from home. Nothing too exciting here.

I have this cart by my desk and when kids unpack they put take-home folders inthe top box, but before they turn it in they check for any notes or money from home and put it in the notes box onthe 2nd shelf. The 3rd shelf is for finished work to be turned in and the bottom shelf holds some random social stories for me to read with kids if needed. Sorry this picture is so terrible!

I use the folders to send home a daily behvior chart and papers. Parents return things in here as well. These folders are AMAZING! They hold up all year long, they're $1.05 each (no shipping!), and they have a clear pocket on the front, the back, and two clear pockets inside. That's $20 bucks a year I don't mind spending. I somehow got a free sample in my mailbox at school last year so if you ask they might send you one.

Here's a link for these folders, can you tell I like them?!


  1. I use those folders too, and I was just raving about them yesterday! They seriously are the first set of folders my students have not torn up! Love them!

  2. Our school got several samples last year and I snapped them up!!! I used them for homework last year and they were great. I don't need HW folders now but next time I do I know what I am ordering.

    Ms. M

  3. I use those folders too! LOVE them!! I put them inside a little 1/2" notebook that I call STAR Book (stuff to always remember)


  4. I just clicked on the link and it says you have to order a minimum of 100 or pay for shipping. Do you order a 100 each time or do you split it with your team?

  5. Oh, I forgot about that minimum order. Yes, I split them with my team. We have about 250 kids in our grade. But if you're at a smaller school I think you could easily convince other grades to use them too. Or just go on and order them for yourself and have enough for 4 years! Also, I used classroom money so wasn't out of pocket.=)

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