Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dollar Tree is the Best!

And it's probably my favorite store. I love that they have a section for teachers. All these expensive teacher stores need to take notice that school things can be made and sold for much less! I got some treasures there today.

(sorry about the terrible lighting)
I just needed those 2 packs of foam magnetic numbers, no plans for them yet but I know I need them at this price. I got a Tiki Lounge CD for our end of the year tropical themed party (only 40 something days to go). The pack of stickers and bookmarks are "color-your-own", the kids are going to love those!
The green square package in the corner is a pack of math manipulatives, they are perforated number and math symbol cards and there are a couple of sheets in each color. I do have a plan for those little guys, I'll post it soon.
And what I'm most excited about it that roll of blue shelf liner. Give me a day to see if my idea works and I'll show you how you can save $40 plus shipping or it'll be a waste of a dollar.

All I've been doing this week is shopping! It's ok if everything's only a dollar, right?


  1. I love the Dollar Tree too! I was just there yesterday and I didn't really get anything special, but it was fun just the same! I love how everything there really is just a dollar!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching

  2. Did you get these things at the new Dollar Tree by Ross? I want to go there! Great stuff!